My Training Style

I believe in positive reinforcement, training clients to achieve their best results, in a caring and respectful environment. I will push you as hard as you are able to go and show you that, you are capable of more than you ever imagined! We will be a team, me and you together, working towards the goals you have set for yourself! I will be there in you corner and push you when you feel, you have no more to give.


I design programs that my clients will be able to achieve and track their success, so they will see their progress.  I focus on all the small details of proper training  techniques: Form, Breathing, Speeds, Reps, Sets and Proper Break Times. These are essentials, and must be designed properly to maximize my clients progress.  I will design a program to meet your own individual needs.


I also can add self-defence to your training experience. I truly enjoy this aspect of training. As I believe everyone should know how to defend themselves. I will show you how to use proper forms. Its important to learn the basics first and master them. I teach self-defence, that will work on the streets. I don’t teach moves that look good and don’t work!  I will make you feel at ease as I am training you.  I am not a drill sergeant, but I also will be stern and fare. I will not allow you to progress unless your form has improved.

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