My Services

Personal Training

I offer a private training in my studio, which is in my high rise Apartment; shower and parking are available. I also offer boot camp work-outs for groups of four and up. I will come to your gym, office, park, or home, (this is for boot camp only), I will not travel to train anything less than a group of four people.

I offer weight-loss style training and lean muscle mass building. The style of work-outs that I offer is like none other in the Leaside or Davisville area.


I have a background in Kempo Karate, Muay Thai Kick Boxing, Western Boxing, as well as Brazilian Jujitsu M.M.A.   I will incorporate a mixture of all these Martial Arts into your self-defense training.

(I have competed in Tournaments all over Ontario and won many first place Trophies.)

I offer self-defense for all of my clients. I have spent close to eight years training all over Toronto, learning all these forms of Martial Arts and am prepared to share my knowledge with you. If self-defense is your goal I can help you to learn how to handle yourself in any and all situations you may encounter. If security work is your ambition my training will help you pack the punch you are looking for. If you have a specific style you wish to focus on, I can help you to build your skills. Please feel free to contact me directly to discuss my experience or training options for your preferred fighting style.

Weight Lifting styles

The Olympic weightlifting techniques improve all aspects of athletic performance, including strength, power, speed, agility and flexibility. I create unbelievable intensity and progress in the weight room. You will break personal records in the major lifts week after week, month after month, year after year. The Olympic weightlifting techniques promote fat loss and full body muscle development naturally. I teach weightlifting methods that stimulate muscle growth at a rapid rate.The body is continuously challenged to use more of its resources. The net result is an increase in proportionate muscular growth and decreased body fat percentage derived from a true full body work-out.

Body building is another style I offer. This style will adds muscle-mass at a fast rate and will give the body a very sculpted look. Body building is also great for improving strength and endurance in your muscles.

Boot Camp style weight training; this style is great for cardio endurance, body toning and weight-loss. This style will bring you to a whole new fitness level! It’s lots of fun and full of challanging, exsplosive exercises!

Boot Camp cardio camps. I do this with a varity of drill: Boxing, Muay Tai, Karate, sports drills, and calistatic drills. The Intensity is high paced! You will be pushed to your limits!

Kettle-bell work-outs are a great way to get in shape. They improve exslposive strength when they are utilized correcty. This style is a great way to improve wrist strenth and agilty. Many sports professional and olympic athletes use kettle-bells for there strength and conditioning.

Outdoor, Urban-Environment, Boot Camps. I offer out door Boot-camps. We will use the park and I bring my own equipment. We will do a variety of drills and we will use some of the park itself as the equipment. Another way is STRONG MAN STYLE, incorporating ,truck tires, wieghted sludge hammer, chains.  Many cliets have said  to me this style is very fun and effective. ( This service depends on time of day and weather.) It’s a great way to  change up work-outs and allows us to have great space and open area.

Body Sculpting and toning for women, it’s a graet way to firm and tone, your buttocks, arms, legs, back and stoamach. I do this with weights, bands, Kettle-bells,  and anaerobic exercise.


Diet and Supplement

I have a wealth of dietary knowledge; this will better help you to achieve your fitness goals. I also offer supplement Info. Diet is a big part of fitness and can be a real game changer in your fitness journey.

My diets are easy to follow and are reasonably priced. My supplement Info will help you to have bigger gains, quicker recovery time, and teach you how to live a healthier live. These two components are vital to clients who wish to go past the barriers that tend to hold there training progress back. Research has proven time and time again, that we can benefit from them and go further than we ever could without them!

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