16720097-abstract-word-cloud-for-circuit-training-with-related-tags-and-terms[1]ptg01803608[2]MY Circuit training is a series of exercises that takes place one after the other. These exercises are designed to incorporate both aerobic and resistance training into one complete workout. It specifically targets body fat, promotes excellent cardiovascular health, and helps to improve lean muscle-mass. It is also one of the best ways to get your pistons firing, it gets you excited about exercising and getting fit. It is an excellent exercise method that can be used by just about anyone to build stamina and increase physical endurance no matter what your fitness level is.

MY Circuit training consists of many number of exercises from sit ups, squats, press ups, kettle-bells, dumbbell’s and many forms of calisthenics.

I keep it Fun and jam packed full of intense movements!

The single greatest advantage of my circuit training over other forms of my workouts is that it can provide a complete, detailed, and structured all-over body training program. Exercises can be developed around your individual health needs and desires into a set routine or “circuit.” Many different type of exercises can be included, providing tremendous flexibility for developing a custom routine that you enjoy.

Circuit training is also not overly time consuming-a circuit can be performed any time you have enough free time to do so we can do a 35 to 45 min class and get the benefits of a 55 Min. program.

The benefits:
•Fat loss, weight loss and body toning
•Improved heart and lung function
•Increased speed and stamina
•Increased muscle strength
•Improved energy levels
•Improved posture
•Improved flexibility
•Lower blood pressure

This style is truly a asset to anyone looking to improve their overall fitness.

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