rds024102[1]My Boot Camps consists of many number of exercises from sit ups, squats, press ups, kettle-bells, dumbbell’s and many forms of calisthenics . Also there are different ways to do each exercise so as to accommodate all levels of fitness.

Doing Boot Camps twice or three times a week can significantly improve your overall fitness and has been shown to burn more calories then traditional gym workouts.

My Boot Camps training combines cardiovascular and resistance training in one effective workout and the benefits are:
•Fat loss, weight loss and body toning
•Improved heart and lung function
•Increased speed and stamina
•Increased muscle strength
•Improved energy levels
•Improved posture
•Improved flexibility
•Lower blood pressure

Boot Camps in a group environment is also great fun and psychologically rewarding. No matter what your fitness level you can really benefit from this style of exercise.

This will truly help you be, the best you, you can be! k14538338[1]

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