I offer boxing classes which are designed for begining level fighters who are looking for a fun work-out, or peolpe looking to punch away some pounds and improve they’re cardio. Members train with jump ropes, and focus pads, and also utilize reflex drills, hand-eye coordination exercises, footwork drills, shadow boxing, plyometrics and other cross-training fundamentals. I have trained in boxing clubs all across Toronto and now offer my experience to you. Customized one-hour boxing lessons with me are fun, effective and will improve you at a rapid rate. Learn new boxing skills and techniques in a postive atmosphere. This style of training is guaranteed to improve: endurance, strength, quickness, and better hand to eye coordination skills.


Boxing is undeniably one of the top mentally and physically challenging sports there is on this earth. Many athletes, businesses and recreational sport enthusiasts use the boxing as a cross training tool.  It is a great sport to get into supreme shape and a challenging work-out for all fitness levels.

Here’s some info on how many calories  you can burn in boxing classes.  First body weight affects how many calories you will burn in boxing classes. That’s because the more you weigh, the more energy it takes for your muscles to move your body. A 125-lb. person doing 30 minutes intense boxing circuit burns 270 calories, according to Harvard Medical School. People who are heavier will burn more; for example, a 155-lb. person doing the same thing for 30 minutes burns 335 calories and a 185-lb. person burns 400 calories. Boxing is one of the best ways on this earth to burn fat!

Boxing  is an amazing way to take you to the next level of your fitness. Boxing is also great for self-defence purposes and has true knock out power, that cannot be matched!


Don’t wait, get into my gym today and make a life change! … You’ll never turn back!

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