Offensive attacks: Punching, Kicking, Knees, Elbows and Foot sweeps.

(These movments will disable an anssialant!)

k11315544[1]< Defense forms: Upper-block, Outside-block, Inside-block, Downward-block and Head and Body Weaving. (These blocks can help you to not be struck by an attacker.)


Exercise benefits.

There are a variety of exercise benefits: Muscle toning and strengthening, improved balance, improved hand-eye coordination, as well as being a very effective cardiovascular work-out. These classes will improve your overall physical condition, your mental approach to health and fitness. Various moves, kicks, punches, blocks, twists and turns used in self-defense classes, will help increase your overall flexibility, strength and stamina.


Increase Self-awareness and Confidence

Training in self-defense increases confidence in men and women to defend themselves.  It helps you  to be more aware of your environment and the people in it.  You will be better prepared for any unexpected situation you may find yourself in.  The ability to defend yourself will be an asset you will truly be grateful to have.  This knowledge you will obtain from me can be a (lifesaving tool)


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