My Contract


 1. There is a two appointment minimum and a five appointment maximum per week.

2. All appointments made must be kept, or the session will be charged at full price. You have a one time cancelation; a 24 hour notice must be given to the trainer, or full price will be charged.

3. Appointments are to start on time. If you are not on time the session time will start running from the booked time we have designated.

4. All sessions will be 45 to 55 minutes long and under no circumstances shall they exceed the time frame that was specified.

5. All appointments must be paid in advance and booked in advance before any sessions can start. All next appointments must be made by the last session of the week and paid on the day of the booking of the sessions.

6. Client must disclose any and all past injuries to the trainer, so trainer does not do harm to the client and cause them pain, discomfort and or injury.

7. Client must express any pain or discomfort they are feeling from training with the trainer, or injuries that happen outside the training program.

8. Client acknowledges that he/she is in good heath and is physically able to participate in the work out sessions and have been cleared to do so by a doctor.



 1. Trainer is to make sure you are performing safe and effective exercises.

2. Trainer is to design effective workout routines to meet the client’s personal needs and goals.

3. Trainer is to give a 24 hour notice if he needs to cancel. If trainer does not do this then the next session is free of charge.

4. If the trainer is late for the session, the late time will be owed to client, free of charge, and forwarded to the next session of their own choice.

5. Trainer is to be respectful to the client. Trainer is not to belittle or talk down too the client under no circumstances at all.

This contract is to ensure a safe, effective, and respectful work environment for both the trainer and client alike.

If you are willing to accept the above rules of the contract, please sign on the line below.


John J. Real


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