k15739563[1]In “truth” Strongman training, is not for the average fitness person. Just about every exercise is MAX Effort or at least somewhere close to it. This is because the true nature of it is, in and of itself, STRENGTH and explosiveness. However, its however purpose isn’t just strength but also conditioning and overall fitness. And because Strongman training has the added benefit of cardiovascular development (unlike powerlifting or Olympic lifting variants) , the training can be used in a variety of different ways successfully.

When we program Strongman lifts into our workouts we do it because of the sheer fun it brings! Its just down right fun to express your strengths through non traditional training. Pushing trucks, flipping tires, pulling weightedchain and carrying inordinate heavy objects presents a challenge while you strength train that is unmatched by any set/rep scheme. Its also a sneaky way to do a ton of work without thinking about set after set and rep after rep. Its feels like a bigger accomplishment to do heavy hand over hand rope pulls for sets over just doing single arm rows day after day. It’s similar to those who love distance running , but hate running every day on a track due to its tedious nature. So to fight this they chose parks and nature courses to run because of the variety it brings. Likewise, Strongman training breaks up the monotony of traditional training and gives a workout a fresh twist.

With this said here are the 3 main ways whe use Strongman training variants for our clients looking to get stronger, more fit and in better shape!

Let me take a quick minute to explain how we categorize the lifts and this will give a better clue as to how we use them:

In using these exercises for our workouts we break them down into sections not based on strength but based on the primary energy system requirements to complete each task. Understanding of that aspect of Strongman training will be all you need to develop a well rounded program for individuals looking better fitness levels. Strongman training can be either alactic/aerobic or lactic/aerobic. This basically means that the initial response is either that of an alactic or lactic nature. Each event, depending on the length/time allotted for that lift will determine the energy system used. The energy system used determines the way in which we can use it for fitness purposes. The terms lactic & alactic express two distinct conditions found within our anaerobic energy system response.

It has been well know that we have a aerobic & anaerobic heart rate zone. The aerobic system is the system that we use primarily because its responsible for the majority of our energy production. Day to day we use aerobic energy (oxygen) more often than any other system to generate ATP for our body’s billions of cells to use in energy production. This system is long lasting and slow to fatigue. On the flip side, our anaerobic energy system is used when we require our bodies to move at higher speeds and intensities. We have an anaerobic lactic system that can provide energy for anywhere from 60-90seconds. We also have a anaerobic alactic system that can provide energy for the highest of intensities ranging from 10-12seconds roughly.

Strongman training usually is highly intensive exercise based on a time or high rep scheme. For this purpose, the majority of it fits into the anaerobic lactic zone. This is one of the biggest factors in determining its place in your workout!

While there is much more detail we could go into regarding the specifics of energy systems and exercise selection, I want to get into how we use them and answer questions you may have later.

One thing I will say is 1st of all of these exercises must be evaluated on a client to client basis and executed with extreme caution.


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