I started working out with John and he pushed me in a way that made the best  me come out. Since meeting him he has transformed not only my workout plans but also my diet. He has shown me how to take the steps necessary to loose weight and see the results and I wanted. Also he has helped motivate me the entire time.  I have lost a total of over 70lbs working out with John, and continue to stick with it to get to my goal of 100lbs weight loss. When I started this journey I was over 350lbs. It has changed my life.”

Andrew  Delville CEO-Academic Ads


My name is Jenny Hall and John helped me to lose over 20 pounds in five months. John is a very caring trainer and also taught me self-defense. While I was in Mexico a man grabbed me and I quickly punched him in the nose and kneed him in the privates. This may have saved my life! Johns teaching style is not full of fluff and fancy moves that may look good, but don’t work. I found that at other self-defense classes, we would do moves that were not practical.  Johns training was straight forward and to the point. Thanks John.


My name is Kelly Price. When John was Teaching Karate at the Iron Butter Fly Dojo he helped my son win five first place trophies. I had him at another place and the best he did was fourth. John took out extra time and worked with my son who has a learning disability and helped him to become a champion. He really is a great instructor and I’m glad me and my son met him. Best regards John! Keep up the good work!


My name is Peter Tommy Lee. John gave me the honor of telling you how he helped to change my life. I  had a car crash and was in the hospital for 2 moths. After I got out I couldn’t move much and gained about 35 pounds; lost my drive to lose weight and became that guy with the gut! I saw John’s ad and decided to go and try him out. We did many styles of training and a lot of self-defense classes. I lost 40 pounds in 8 months through diet and exercise all taught to me by John. I wanted to say that John is the real deal and his training really works!


My name is Mike Jonson. John helped me gain 18 pounds of muscle in 6 months. I went from 13 inch arms to 15, I also went from a 38 waist size to a 34. Things I like about Johns trainer is: tracking sheets, its private, great motivation and proper form for my exercises. John is a great teacher and has helped me get my fitness level where I could never do on my own! Thanks John, for all your help and support!


Hi my name is John Greensburg. I did some boxing cardio camps, self-defence classes and kettle-bell Circuit’s with John. They were amazing, and high energy!  John really pushed me hard and helped me to not give up, when I wanted too! My cardiovascular system has improved 10 fold!  My striking ability  has made me feel confident to  be able to defended myself. John keep doing what you’re doing it works!!

After working with John for a year I have met my goal of gaining strength and muscle! I have worked with two other personal trainers in the past and the level of quality and service that John has provided is by far the best! His ability to customize my work-outs and really diagnose what I need to keep me improving is great. John is an excellent motivator and has the knowledge and enthusiasm that is needed to get anyone to meet their goals. My physical strength has reached new heights, but what I have found the most amazing is the mental strength improvement I have gained.

John really knows how to unleash your mental and physical power you never knew you had! He shows you how really putting your mind to it will allow you to achieve certain levels you thought were not possible. I would recommend John to anyone looking to improve their health and well-being, whether it be gaining strength and muscle or weight lose. You will not be disappointed!!

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I trained with John for close to a year. I had goals to improve overall fitness, gain muscle mass and learn how to fight. John helped me reach all my goals. I gained Mass and strength, improve cardio and learned how to box. I gained the confidence and skill to train on my own, John also helped me in other areas in life and is a good motivator.

Jeff, Webmaster, Bling Tings

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